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Safari Outfitters strives to connect Southern Africa’s spectacular hunting destinations with hunters from all around the world.   We want to make the process of advertising, booking, and arranging hunts easy, enjoyable, and risk free for all parties involved.

Safari Outfitters offers the following services to land owners

1. Get listed on our website All land owners are most welcome to apply to have their hunting destinations listed on our website.  For a small annual fee, we will create and maintain a highly professional feature page of your destination.

2. Get a formal Safari Outfitters Grading Give prospective hunters peace-of-mind on what to expect when they decide whether to book their next hunt with you. Our staff will personally visit your farm and give you Safari Outfitters Grading on aspects of hunting, accommodation, and service levels.  The review will be posted along with your listing, and your destination will be featured more often in all our marketing efforts.

3. Let us take bookings on your behalf Our professional staff would love to manage your bookings and related hunting arrangements. We will take over all the risk regarding payment.  Our fees are set at industry-related rates. ** This service is only available to destinations with a formal Safari Outfitters Grading.

4. Invite us to hunt at your destination Our seasoned Professional Hunters accompany a select number of premium customers on hunts every year where we give them a top quality Safari Outfitters experience.   If you would like us to hunt at your destination, please get in touch!



Here are a few compelling reasons:

1. Benefit from Safari Outfitters’ substantial marketing budget Our marketing is done alongside SAFARI OUTDOOR, SA’s most recognised hunting brand. Collectively we spend over $ 800 000 USD annually on marketing in print, digital, and various shows and events.

2. Get exposure to thousands of visitors every day Our digital channels reach over 50 000 hunting and outdoor enthusiasts every month, our newsletter has over 40 000 subscribers, and our 4 mega stores are visited  daily  by nearly 10 000 people .

3. Gain access to international customers Our overseas partnerships with large brands allows us to market directly to their client lists. By becoming one of our preferred destinations, you gain exposure to this lucrative overseas market.

To join us, please get in touch via phone or email, listed here: