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About Safari Outfitters

We believe that hunting is one of the oldest and most time honoured blessings bestowed on man. We believe in principles of fair chase. We do not subscribe to “canned” hunting practices. This is not because of some philosophical or hypocritical argument but we love the open expanses and hard work. We believe that hunting has done more for conservation than any conference or academic movement. We love the challenge, the chase and eventually sitting next to a fire under an African sky feeling deeply gratified because of a successful day.

Who we are: We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Outdoor Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd the most prominent and reputable industry participant in the hunting and shooting industry in Southern Africa.

Our Value Proposition

Because of our size, reputation and footprint we can comfortably:

Guarantee your hunting experience (on hunts controlled and or conducted by Safari Outfitters)

Safeguard your deposits and ensure that you either go on the adventure you expected or you get refunded.

When booking through Safari Outfitters you have recourse. We are not a small independent outfit which may or may not be in existence in a year from now. Our extensive investments in infrastructure and underlying assets ensures peace of mind irrespective of political changes. We offer a grading service that ensures an independent and objective view on the standards of any outfit rated by us. Safari Outfitters conduct special hunts for a select few customers annually. Here Safari Outfitters’ professional hunters treat you to a true African Safari Experience.

Fair pricing. We negotiate the best possible deals on your behalf. Whether African or international guest we do not distinguish.

“Mangled and torn by lion, Ripped by a buffalo cow, Tossed by a wounded tembu, Nothing much left of them now. But they can tell you a story That turns the blood to fire, Tales of far, lone places Lands of the huntsman’s desire. Stories of roan and sable Rhino and hippo and more; Of long, long nights made sleepless By the prowling lion’s roar.”

E.C. Mills 1937